Meet Me

Just to be clear: I do not claim to be one who shines at writing essays about myself; in fact, it was something I never really liked and I obviously am not interested in spending the latter part of my teenage-hood doing so.

“Do whatever makes you happy”: was a statement I  never completely fully understood  until I found myself failing (by my standards) in first year at college.

One particular saturday morning,after my intellectual confidence hit a new low on a particular calculus exam, I honestly had virtually all kinds of thoughts except suicide traipsing through my mind. It was then that I came to the conclusion that there was more to life than “dy/dx” and that funny-looking “S” elongated out of proportion. I then decided to give writing a shot.

Well, this introductory piece isn’t scheduled to discuss  the bitter-sweet experience of my academic life neither will it be focusing on my life’s history. So let’s get to the basics:

I go by the name  Shodipo Ahmed Ajibola,

Temperament: 59.56% sanguine + 39.29% phlegmatic + trace amounts of melancholy.

Friends and acquaintances have only been right about me on one thing — my capriciousness.

At times, I am a son, a brother, a humourous lad, a boyfriend, a role model, an Arsenal fan and an objective critic.

But most times, I am a struggling student of Mechanical Engineering at some university outside the tropics.

Now I am gonna be telling you something most people wont be willing to acknowledge first hand: i lie (or better still ,i intentionally modify the truth). But if it makes you feel any better, my lies are never at your expense; it is always associated with some kinda big picture. As you know, I am an ardent advocate of the Greater-good Theory.


I m actually impressed i made it this far with the intro; I never used to write past 5 lines a few years back.

I am afraid that is the little I can say about me without revealing my not-so-good side.

I will probably chip in little details of me in my subsequent (but occasional) write-ups.

Till then, I remain yours in the struggle.

9 thoughts on “Meet Me

  1. I love to follow you through this phrase hoping to be fully inspired. no one is actually free of lies and i also do it regularly than normal.
    till your next update.


  2. Greetings to you, my good sir. Thou art a brilliant wordsmith. Carry forth with thy work. Fare thee well my good sir and good luck in thy writing expeditions.


    Liked by 1 person

  3. This is one of the most catchy intro I’ve read in a while. I really hope you keep getting inspired and remember to have fun with it…


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